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Solutions Leading the Recovery of the

Colombian Economy

Keynote speaker

H.E. Iván Duque Márquez

President of Colombia

Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Thursday, December 3 , 2020






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The CAA is proud to be hosting this timely virtual conference focused on how innovation and technology are contributing to the reactivation of the Colombian economy in the agricultural, educational, financial and professional services industries. We will also encourage the private sector, mainly investment funds and institutional investors, to explore new opportunities in the aforementioned sectors. We are honored to have H.E. Iván Duque Márquez, President of Colombia, as the keynote speaker for this event.


The purpose of this second edition is to present to the international market how technology is a driving force for the economic reactivation and human development of Colombia’s economy. We will listen to testimonials from companies that have invested in Colombia, as they share their experiences, the challenges they faced and the results they attained. Also, Colombian start-ups will have the opportunity to show how their companies are driving change within specific sectors of the economy and society. Finally, government representatives will discuss the public policies the current administration has implemented to support the economy’s reactivation.

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H.E. Iván Duque Márquez

He is a lawyer from Sergio Arboleda University, with major studies in philosophy and humanities. Expert in economic issues, with executive studies at Harvard, and with master’s degrees from Georgetown, in Public Policy Management, and from American University, in Economic Law.

President of Colombia

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